I love this tree. It could be used at the end of a hall to add light and interest, on the wall of a foyer especially when there is a wall facing the entrance door instead of a wide open foyer or living space, or even in a small apartment that does not have room for a traditional Christmas tree. Leave it up all year long and replace the ornaments with family photos, shells or small pieces of art.

Favorite Things Friday

DIY idea :: branch wall tree with lights + ornaments. A wall tree. What a nifty idea. It takes up no space.

Μελομακάρονα από την Ευδοκία

Very tasty, crunchy and at the same time, fluffy, traditional melomakarona (Christmas walnut and honey cookies).

Προσκυνητής: Λαθών ετέχθης..!

Προσκυνητής: Λαθών ετέχθης..!

Προσκυνητής: O Παπαδιαμάντης για τα Χριστούγεννα

The Greek writer, Alexandros Papadiamantes. This painting is entitled 'The Reverie of Christmas'.