Meeting of Elizabeth and the Theotokos I LOVE this icon!!

Meeting of Elizabeth and the Theotokos -this Icon represents Christ and John the Baptist greeting each other from their mother's bellies.

11350642_10207157757049198_1285777294085135154_n.jpg (503×670)

11350642_10207157757049198_1285777294085135154_n.jpg (503×670)

Byzantine icon depicting a pregnant Theotokos, by Teopa.

by teopa.A rare image depicts symbolically the Virgin Mary in pregnancy. Traditional byzantine art with egg tempera and gold leaf.

Saint Paisios the Athonite

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Mary, the Mother of God, pregnant with our Lord and Saviour.

The Theotokos bearing Christ (this is the first icon of a pregnant Mary I think I've ever seen)