New Moon in Virgo. . .Balancing the Matrix with Ma’at

Isis the Goddess - asteroid 42 Isis and astrology in 2016

The apparent path of the Sun through the 13 Zodiac Signs (red line in the image) is called Ecliptic.

The zodiac signs come from the constellations which lie along the ecliptic (red line).

Full Moon in Aquarius, Sept 9, 2014. Welcome to the Aquarius freedom loving Full Moon cycle! It’s all about you being you, and sharing your spiritual talents with humanity. Aquarius, in ancient Egypt, is known as Hapi the God of the annual flooding of the Nile. Hapi is a fertility God and is considered to be the ‘Father of the Gods’. He was loving, caring and about peace. Hapi has breasts and a protruding belly to represent the fertility of the Nile.

Ten Egyptian Plagues For Ten Egyptian Gods and Goddesses - excellent resource all in one place with pictures!

SuperMoon and Full Moon in Aquarius Many people have probably noticed that this year we already had SuperMoon in July and August! But few know that we will have the third consecutive SuperMoon on September 9.  So let's explain what is SuperMoon: The Moon does not orbit around the Earth in a circle but in elliptical orbit, which means that the distance varies (see the figure below).

Perigee Syzygy akumakawa: “ So in the midst of the conversations with Theo and the Dread Doctors these words ‘Perigee Syzygy’ kept popping up.

Full Moon Eclipse (Blood Moon) 8th October 2014, article by Kim Nosworthy-Lovelace

Full Moon Eclipse (Blood Moon) October article by Kim Nosworthy-Lovelace

Mercury Retroclipse in Virgo…… A Time To Heal, by Raw Goddess Femi. An article about Mercury Retrograde that begins today in Virgo!

elhieroglyph: Ancient Egyptian: From the Tombs of the Kings at Thebes.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin 13 Zodiac Synastry explains everything!

13 Zodiac Astrology Error page

Autumnal or Fall Equinox: Finding Harmony and Balance..

Autumnal or Fall Equinox: Finding Harmony and Balance.

Astrology on Saturn and other planets!

13 Zodiac Astrology Error page

Today September 10 the Sun is high in the sky and in the sign of Leo. The positions of the planets on the ecliptic, which is the apparent annual path of the sun in the sky at 8:00 am, GMT, are the following Sun: 29 ° 15 'in Leo  Moon: 12 ° 46 'Pisces  Hermes: 17 ° 26 'in Virgo  Venus: 17 ° 26 'in Leo  Mars: 19 ° 35 'in Libra  Jupiter: 13 ° 31 'Cancer  Saturn: 10 ° 41 'in Libra

Ring of Fire of Fire Eclipse started at am PST, effects can last for years! Audio report, music, slides, etc

The Sun is in Leo on September 5, 2014

The Sun is in Leo on September 2014