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Paris, 1954 by Henri Cartier-Bresson

paris, 1954 photo by henri cartier-bresson/magnum photos, from henri cartier-bresson: the modern century This photo captures line through the trees which also contrast with the misty sky and background.

Henri Cartier Bresson

kvetchlandia: “ Martin Munkácsi Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika 1930 “For me this photograph was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that, by capturing the moment, photography was.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Mexico city, 1964

2 images by Morgan Howland; Belgium, 1931 by Henri Cartier-Bresson; Oaxaca Mexique, 1963 by Henri Cartier-Bresson; Simiane Rotonde by Henri Cartier-Bresson;

I love this, it just made me smile

Three schoolgirls, satchels on their back, peeking through a window somewhere in Elten. The Netherlands, Nationaal Archief Spaarnestad Photo W.