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kiss me in the rain. kiss me in the snow. kiss me in the fall. kiss me in springtime. kiss me in summer. a kiss for all seasons and every day


Wedding Photography Ideas Picture Description Let me lay my head on your shoulder.

I'm feeling this right now. Seeing you on top of me , feeling you against me, I love it. I love you! I miss you really bad. I need to see you my love.


My save the dates will consist of: a fun picture like this a statement like, "We decided to have fun together for the rest of ours lives." The date and a request for them to join us as you make our fun official :)What a great idea!

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Sometimes, it's what he didn't do that will alienate you from him, not what he…

Perfect for what just JUST happened

"Listen to me. No matter how far you go, no matter how far you run, there will be no escape." He's coming dangerously close, "but no matter what, it's my job to make sure they never hurt you again and I plan to do it willingly.


"World Kiss Day ! Concours GLOSSYBOX" ralph lauren, engagement pose, love, couples, this photo rocks!

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sweet gestures

A kiss on the forehead is one of the sweetest things in the world. They paint a beautiful love story (without muttering a sound). Some of life’s greatest moments are the simple moments — I live for these.