And then the greatness began.

We had such a wonderful time that we couldn’t bear to go back to our regular lives, and so we decided we just wouldn’t. And then all the greatness began.

Its true a lot of people don't think dance is a sport but they couldn't last a day in a dancers shoes

Social identity: Dance It is being expressed by a dance quote and glitter. I love to dance and I have many friends who love it as well. Who doesn't like to dance and have fun?

she-wanted-to-tell-him-she-missed-him-but-she-didnt | by LiveLifeHappy1981

She wanted to tell him she missed him but she knew it wouldn't change anything so she kept pretending she didn't. - Unknown Tagged with: Heartache , Love , Relationship , Truth

Take a look at this Eggplant 'I Can't...I Have Dance' Hi-Low Tee on zulily today!

This shirt is so me. I dance all the time. Dance is my life.I Have Dance' Hi-Low Tee by Purple Pixies Dance on

Top 30 Summer Quotes Sunshine #Famous

Top 30 Summer Quotes Sunshine

"We all have that one summer forever in our heart". ~unknown I have two: The first~ The summer I met the man I knew I would spend the rest of my life with. The second~ The summer my marriage & life fell apart.