Constantina Arvaniti

Constantina Arvaniti

Constantina Arvaniti
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Corner frames!

corner gallery wall - without the specially made corner frames. Would need to be on a corner that is in an open area; this would be really overbearing in a tight hallway. But in the right space it could look amazing. Very art gallery.


2 totally indepentent luxury villas on Mykonos, each with a superb pool and Jacuzzi, are of outstanding beauty and standard. Experience Mykonos in total luxury and in one of the most beautiful villas on Mykonos, Greece.


rocking chair with built in reading light. but, the clever thing is that the rocking motion generates the electricity needed to power the low energy oled light! How very clever!

interior interior-design

Despite indigo being a cool colour, it has the ability to create a warm aura in a room. Indigo is a striking home colour trend for this season and it’s rich tone adds a touch of boldness wherever it’s placed.


I love my mom though but this is SOOO true! - No one will spank Grandma. - Funny quote says: "Children are often spoiled because no one will spank Grandma.