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two people laying on top of each other with their arms around one person's head
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Kurt Cobain // Nirvana
a man standing in front of a refrigerator holding a bag and smiling at the camera
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a man sitting in a chair with his legs crossed
a man standing in front of a kitchen counter with lots of clutter on it
a group of people standing next to each other on a street with buildings in the background
Jesse Frohman on Photographing Kurt Cobain
a young man playing an electric guitar in front of a sound equipment set up on stage
kurt cobain | Tumblr
kurt cobain | Tumblr
a man sitting in the driver's seat of a bus looking at the camera
JJ Gonson - Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Cambridge, MA, 1990
a man in striped shirt holding a nintendo wii controller while standing next to other people
a man holding a baby in a car seat with another person behind him looking at the camera
Kurt Cobain's Home Movies Tell His Story In 'Montage Of Heck'
Kaptan Jack Sparrow, Nirvana Kurt
Kurt Cobain with his daughter Frances Bean, around March 1994. Supposedly his last photo