Crispy, vegan double chocolate cookies with whole wheat flour and olive oil

Among the most relaxing things one can do, especially after a busy day, is to bake some vegan cookies (especially some vegan chocolate chip cookies)!

Vegan Greek Easter cookies with lemon and saffron

During Easter holidays, I have plenty of time to do the things I like the most, as to plant basils and other herbs in my pots, prepare sweet and savory recipes and bake delicious goods!

Vegan crunchy chocolate cookies stuffed with halvah

One of the advantages that vegans who live in Greece have is that, because of the fasting on the one hand and of the traditional Mediterranean diet on the other, they can find plenty of lenten, pla…

Vegan melomakarona with petimezi (grape molasses)

Melomakarona (plural: melomakarona / singular: melomakarono) are traditional Greek cookies immersed in honey and together with kourambiedes (qurabiya) are prepared in nearly every Greek kitchen bef…

Vegan and gluten free small honey cakes – melomakarona

Christmas are about to come, and for this reason, with the advent of December, many households are preparing the celebration. According to the tradition, special desserts are made during the period…

Vegan Christmas kourabiedes with olive oil and a scrumptious almond stuffing

Kourabiedes (plural: kourabiedes / singular: kourabies) – named after the Turkish word “kurabiye” which means a cookie made of flour, butter and sugar – are delicious “snowy” almond coo…

Double chocolate Soft Kings cookies

Double chocolate Soft Kings cookies