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East German border guard throwing a ball back over the Berlin Wall to a child on the western side.  Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Berlin, 1962

East German border guard tossing a ball back over the Berlin Wall after a West German child mistakenly threw it over, Berlin, Germany, by Paul Schutzer, 1962 [via /r/HistoryPorn]

Afrique du Nord, Un fallschirmjäger allemand de l'afrika k… | Flickr

Teenage German paratrooper in Tunisia. He carries rifle and MG ammo belt. In his pocket there is a Walther pistol and a stick grenade protrudes from his belt. Note the distinctive paratrooper smock that he's wearing.

Water was treated with iodine or hale zone tablets to kill the bugs, however, to those who were water deprived, it still tasted great.

Soldiers of the German Army eating rations among the ruined walls of the industrial district of Stalingrad today Volgograd Stalingrad October 1942