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an image of many different lines in the air
URBAN SEED_CAROLINE MORRIS. Love the continuity of the brand IMPDO.
four tags tied with twine on top of each other
Salt Box
"Salt Box is a restaurant that only uses local ingredients from local framer and ranchers. Since Salt Box has no freezers it really is from Our Farm to Your Table. They even help you to get started on your own farm at home with a free seed packet!"
three soap bars sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with a black and white ribbon
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No. 5 The Modern Man Natural Handmade Soap by FrogGoesToMarket
jars filled with spices sitting on top of a wooden table
These vintage farmhouse labels are fully editable and are ready for you download and print.
the box contains five different types of spices
Student Spotlight: Zach Zollars
Concept Dean & Deluca Spice Set, Zachary Zollars
three bags with seeds on them sitting next to each other
Rooftop Gardens Packaging (Student Project)
Rooftop Gardens Packaging (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
six boxes with chinese writing on them are lined up
Creative Roots
four different types of teas are shown in this graphic design process, each with their own name on them
Творчество. Свобода. Жизнь.
Beautiful #tea #packaging PD
two bags of green tea sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Cat Leader
using the center as the holder for the strings, can show off the product and have a cheap subtle package that can hang or be stored in a box on shelves
a stack of pots sitting on top of a table next to a coffee cup clock
Give guests fragrant rosemary sea salt to sprinkle over potatoes or use as an ingredient in focaccia
three jars filled with spices next to each other on a white surface and in front of two boxes
Marketplace by Briahnna Logan... - a grouped images picture
Marketplace by Briahnna Logan. Matching bottle and box spice #packaging PD
a jar with a spoon in it sitting on a table
what mariel loves: brown butcher paper
Kitten & the Bear Jam Confiture #packaging #jam
two bags with plants on them sitting next to each other
Beklina : Juniper Ridge Sachets - We stopped in our tracks when we came across Juniper Ridge. Our native California aromas we love: sa...