Patek Philippe presents ‘The Art of Watches, Grand Exhibition’ in New York

Calibre 89 was designed to outdo the Graves Supercomplication of 1933 - the world’s most complicated pocket watch - until this heavyweight complication set a new world record with its 33 complications, just in time for the brand’s anniversary.

Grand Deck Marine Tourbillion By Ulysse Nardin (5)

The Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon's boom relies on the high-tech fibers – thinner than a human hair – that are actually used in ship riggings, to pull the boom across the minute’s arc.

Chanel's Monsieur Watch

Chanel's Monsieur Watch

Hublot and Berluti expand the “Classic Fusion Chronograph” collection with two timepieces

Luxury Daily Hublot extends Berluti partnership to new line of chronographs Swiss watchmaker Hublot is combining the precise craftsmanship of its Berluti line of watches with its classic Fusion Chronograph model.

Unique watches that break the rules: 7 amazing luxury timepieces from Cartier to Patek Philippe with unconventional designs

Elegant, exhilarating and eclectic, be WOW-ed by these extraordinary creations. Post SIHH we look at seven watches that have transcended the norms of watchmaking.

Omega limited edition:

Introducing the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition, Available Exclusively Online - The Awristocrat Magazine

Granite-Embedded Watch Faces - The New Maven Watches Collection Comes with Genuine Marble (GALLERY)

Granite-Embedded Watch Faces

horological machine no. 7 - MB & F’s Horological Machine No. 7 is inspired by the aesthetic of a popular movement in luxury watches, that of the diving watch.

No Girlie Girl Will Be Able to Resist These Sweet Wardrobe Essentials

No Girlie Girl Will Be Able to Resist These Sweet Wardrobe Essentials


Opulent Bejeweled Smartwatches - This Samsung Smartwatch Makes Liberal Use of Gold and Diamonds (GALLERY)

Opulent Bejeweled Smartwatches

Samsung smartwatch - This limited Samsung smartwatch is essentially a supremely fancy version of the highly popular Samsung Gear device.

Ultra-Exclusive Watch Sales - The Fifth Classic Watches are Only Sold on the 5th Day of Each Month (GALLERY)

Ultra-Exclusive Watch Sales

Ultra-Exclusive Watch Sales : The Fifth Classic Watches

Samsung Gear 2 by de Grisogono

Samsung to debut 'super-luxury' de Grisogono Gear edition - IoT Gadgets