Lighting From Up-cycled Globes

DIY Inspiration Lighting From Up-cycled Globes. I have seen this before in half globes. kind of like the fuller globe look

Beautiful idea. Drill a tiny hole at all the places you have been. Great night light. Books and Articles by Arthur Chiragiev

what a fun idea! could be fun poking holes only in places you've visited! poking holes in world globes then light inside for night.

Romantic garden setup

Style Your Staycation: Backyard Movie Night I'm in love with this day I want to throw a backyard movie night! (complete with bucket loads of bug spray haha)

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“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana source: bodhimandala, guitar made with tree line and sun setting on water, with reflection.

Butterfly Lamp. I could hack this, 10$ lamp thing from ikea, copper wire around a deflate-able ball, and hot glue some butterflies! Great for the girls room!

Butterflies On The Walls

And I will take ten

want for my studio - Enter Luna, a little ball of light designed to look like the moon. Luna can illuminate your home, providing a thought-provoking ambiance. It’s made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex, with luminosity ranging from to

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces : Page 03 : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces

Cage Free Sustainability: Don't be afraid to reuse in your design. We can't take our eyes off of this idea combining two of our favorite things: books and lighting. (recycled lamp DIY : Books table lamp in paper lights diy with Light Lamp DIY Book)

DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

They all hate us

this would actually be a really fun idea to bring light into the space. a ladder could go against the wall where the metal desk is now with string lights. it would be nice to see walking into the room from the hallway

Romantic garden...

Tissue paper covered mason jar with tea lights. There are plenty of mason jar + lights crafts out there, but this just looks so pretty!

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Decorate your bedroom with these mystical and dreamy LED cloud lights! They’re fun and simple to make and they really make your room stand out! Great idea for night light or holiday decor as well. Who doesn’t have a dream of walking in the clouds.