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Christmas in Norway- Learn about Christmas Tradition, Crafts, and Food from Norway

We love studying holiday traditions around the world. Let's explore Christmas in Norway. We have recipes, crafts, activities and more.

Nearly 300 pairs of mittens make up this tree displayed in a department store in Rosendal, Norway, to be distributed to needy people in the Ukraine. I think it is a wonderful idea, and the tree is beautiful!

Christmas tree - This is a sweet idea: Donated mittens were made into a tree (in Rosendal, Norway). The mittens were subsequently given to homeless, needy people in the Ukraine.

#Juletræ - Christmas tree at the Open Air Museum - the farm from Sdr. Sejerslev (Southern Jutland)

Christmas tree from southern Denmark Sønderjylland, last part of Cookies were used as decoration and given as gifts on Christmas eve.

Another great metropolis in which to celebrate the season is London!  Who can resist the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, which is an ann...

Christmas tree, Trafalgar Square, London - A tree has been the annual gift of the people of Norway since 1947 as a token of gratitude for Britain ‘s aid during World War II.