I always wish I could be the best mom ever. The truth is we all mess up. That doesn't make us bad parents. It makes us real parents. Learn from mistakes and try again.

I make mistakes every day, but I learn more and more about being a mother from those mistakes made. I believe all mothers make mistakes but a good momma takes the time to learn and knows how to better those mistakes made.

I'm guilty of this. But once I'm silent I'm truly hurt

thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here! of what's stressing you today will be irrelevant in a year. Don't lose sleep over petty things. Get over it, move on.


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We are discovering how expensive words are, not only for you spiritually, but everyone around you.

How to Succeed in life? Talk softly, Eat sensibly, Breath deeply

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So often children are punished for being human,

So often we forget that children are human and have bad days too. We need to stop holding them to a higher standard of perfection that we attain ourselves.

Alura Spiritual Services — “Live beatifully, be kind, and share love.


It’s time parents step up to the challenge of making this world a better place on their own through their children.

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It's not there, you can't find something that doesn't exist. However, when you let go, and move on, you end up blessed with the greatest thing that ever happened to you. I love you baby.