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a piece of wood that has been carved to look like a face
Give Me Three #24
Kickcan & Conkers: Give Me Three #24
two small wooden birds sitting on top of each other
Wooden red robin ; rouges gorges en bois flotté
a fish made out of metal and scraps on a white wall with the number 205 painted on it's side
pesci Archivi - ArtPesceFresco - Stefano Pilato
pesci – ArtPesceFresco – Stefano Pilato
a wooden toy with eyes and nose on it's head, standing in front of a white background
Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids
Ta.Ta. Unconventional Design For Kids
a bird made out of wood and painted red, white and yellow with two eyes on it's body
Carnet Imaginaire
a bird sculpture sitting on top of a piece of wood
Skulpturen aus Schrott von Chris Kircher (http://chris-kircher.de)
a piece of metal that has been cut in half and is laying on the ground
Skulpturen aus Schrott von Chris Kircher (http://chris-kircher.de)
an old wooden bird with eyes on it's head hanging from a piece of wood
..Mooks - Sculture..
an old wooden object with holes in the middle and eyes on it's face
sculptures from recycled materials
Album 1 « Gallery 2 « sculptures from recycled materials | Pina Macku
a wooden bird sculpture made out of wood sticks
La Comunidad de Blogs | Experimenta - Part 2
Blog de Pep Carrió | Experimenta Más