Avgonyma, Chios

Αυγώνυμα Χίου ~ Village of Avgonima, Chios “ A balcony on the Aegean Sea…. ” by Karolos Trivizas

~Armolia.Chios island : Armolia is a medieval village but nowadays is almost re-built. A few remaining arches above the narrow roads in the Center, give you an idea of its original sight. The Armolousians have a long tradition in making and decorating ceramics such as: pitchers, vases, jars, bowls and cups so there is a marvelous collection of local ceramics, and you can still see the simple potter’s wheel turning~

Bougainvilles in Armolia medieval village, Chios Island, Greece✔zϮ

Emporeios, Chios

elladaa: “ Emporeios, Chios by Thali ”

Avgonyma, Chios

while walking down the alley, rs and the landscape capture Avgonyma village, Chios

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