This is my favorite. I don't think I will ever not pin this lol haha

I like Magnus, one of the reasons is because he' so powerful but he's also funny & kind even if he knows he isn't treated well by everyone

Imagen de funny and shadowhunters

I rolled my eyes . alexander 'alec' lightwood, magnus bane, malec, the mortal instruments, shadowhunters

Alec is so innocent he wont even kill a spider

Alec: he kills demons every other day and fights his brothers fake dad while also struggling with his inner battles of being gay AND loving a warlock. Yet he can't deal with a spider. Alec Lightwood everybody!


[Malec au] So I saw the video with promo pics and I just had to try and make an au edit with it I hope it turned out good I just love Malec so much like ugh I'm gonna post more!

[Open for more] • • • Museum date • • @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr [Image from Tumblr] • • ily: i love you. ilysm: i love you so much . ikyfwifa: i know you feel what i feel alec . wtgcdpma: when things get crazy don't push me away . iamt: i am malec trash

Museum date . shadowhunters, alexander 'alec' lightwood, magnus bane, malec, the mortal instruments