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two texts that say, i'm breaking up with you what? why sorry wrong person oh ok
People Are Cracking Up At These 30 Everyday Life Memes Posted By This Instagram Page
the words art teachers are written in black and white
edited by reindeer | not my pic
the statue of liberty is shown in four different pictures with captioning below it
The greatest mystery of our time
four different views of an airplane with the words haha, haha, haha and haha
the text on the card reads, my sexuality is not know and here is my flag
LGBTQ+ Memes And Safe Space on Instagram: “So I’m like 80% sure that one of my co-workers dosent know my name because she just refers to me as “mija” and like I don’t mind it.…”
Albert Einstein, Lgbt Love, Anime Meme, Very Funny
You have a problem?
two men walking down the street in front of a map and text that reads, straight people
Hey Pandas, Send Me Your Best LGBTQ+ Memes (Closed)
Animal Jokes, Character Humor, Filmy Vintage, I Still Love Him
27 Pictures That'll Make You Laugh Every Single Time