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the instructions for how to make shorts without a pattern are shown in red and black
Make a pattern from existing shorts – without taking them apart
someone is sewing a jacket with the words how to sew a dior plat
Learn to Sew - How to Sew a Dior Pleat
Liz Haywood shares how to add a Dior pleat to your next garment What is a Dior Pleat? A Dior pleat looks like an inverted pleat. It’s mainly used on pencil skirts instead of a back split or vent and looks very stylish. It’s easy to add one to a skirt pattern you already have or to convert a regular back vent to a Dior pleat.
the inside of a wooden cabinet with measurements and instructions on how to put together it
How Craftspeople Built Height-Adjustable Shelves Before the Industrial Revolution - Core77
an open pink stage with red curtains
Shaftesbury Theatre, London - Cut Out and Build your own Miniature Theatre Model Kit
This model kit will help you create a beautiful miniature model of the Shaftesbury Theatre in London. I have spent hours studying and illustrating this theatre in great detail. Picking up its most iconic features to transport you into this beautiful space. I hope you enjoy making this theatre at home as much as I did creating it. You will receive four A4 coloured 170gsm card sheets. Each kit also contains instructions on how to cut out and build the theatre. Fully assembled it will be 23cm wide
pink wrapping paper with strawberries tied to it and some scissors on the table next to them
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