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a woman's arm with a small sun and moon tattoo on the left wrist
It could be a symbol, word, or image that represents something important in your life
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the signatures of two people who have been married to each other, including one man
the back of a woman's stomach with an omen symbol tattoo on it
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the flower tattoo meaning and meanings guide
98 Beautiful Flower Tattoos and Meaning - Our Mindful Life
a drawing of the moon and stars with happy new year written in black ink on white paper
a black and white drawing of a lotus flower with the moon rising above it's petals
Lotus Crescent 🌙
the sun, moon and stars are drawn on paper
the sun and moon are drawn in gold on a white background, as well as stars
a black and white drawing of the sun and moon
a woman's arm with a gold bracelet and sunburst tattoo on it