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a man standing in front of a white wall with his hands up to the side
Follow our new page @plan.cures . Leave a ❤️ if this helps! 🎥 Via: @physicaltherapysession Credit to respectful owner. This is not… | Instagram
a woman squatting on an exercise ball with the words hit workout written in front of her
BOSU® on Instagram: "Have you tried a HIIT Circuit workout? Okay, buckle up for the most intense HIIT workout of your life – and we’re bringing in the BOSU ball for an extra dose of badassery! 🔥 Get ready to sweat bullets as we dive into balanced squats, mountain climbers, burpees, and cap it off with the BOSU Tipsy Balance Challenge to set those legs on fire! 🚀💪 The BOSU ball adds that extra element of instability, forcing every muscle to engage, every fiber to ignite! 🔥 ✨This isn’t your average HIIT; it’s a commitment to pushing limits, defying expectations, and sculpting a body that takes on challenges. Here is it is: 40 seconds of each exercise 20 seconds of rest inbetween – and guess what? We’re doing it for 4 intense rounds! 💯 💥 WOO LET’S GO! 💙 Grab your BOSU ball, le
a man is doing exercises on the floor while holding a dumbble ball in front of his head
Troy David 🫡 on Instagram: "Crunches aren’t the only way to sculpt your core. Stay these 2 exercises if you’re looking for something different. 🫡 #coreworkout #fitnessmotivation ess"
a woman in a blue top is holding her hand up to the camera and showing off her muscles
Alexia Clark on Instagram: "I love sharing exercises I’m excited about with you guys! What kind of exercise do you want me to tell you about next? Arms? Back? Abs? Chest? Comment below! #glutes #booty #glutesworkout"
a woman doing push ups on a bench in a gym
𝐒𝐎𝐏𝐇𝐈𝐀 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄 🇨🇺 on Instagram: "Stiff Hips champ?? These are a few amazing multiplanar, hip warm-ups and moves that have helped me so much! A Hip Hinge is absolutely necessary if you want to have better hip mobility, hamstring mobility, lower back mobility, avoid back pain, have core stability, improve deadlifting technique, and avoid injuries…Most people don’t know how to properly disassociate their upper body from their lower body, yet they want to achieve things like splits and loaded pancakes. Give these a try and tag me champ! Over time and with consistency you will progress and be able to do advanced movements. Practice makes progress. Let’s get it!🤝🏽 Link in bio to join my members only coaching platform @sophfitapp Level up with me fam 👊🏽🏆 www.Soph.fit 📲 📍: @globalf
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