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Yes. Too true.

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~<<<I just had the weirdest idea/canon. In the divergent world there are fandom factions, e. but the Divergents are called Fangirls/Fanboys.

But I love my sonic screwdriver <3 haha :)

"He can say it to an inanimate object, but not Rose Tyler? "He didn't say it to his sonic screwdriver till it was too late, either. Hahahaha so sad. So funny.

CAN I GET AN AMEN TO THAT? And they also make them shy, heaven knows I am far from shy. Some of us can be shy, but not all nerd girls are shy. And we can be pretty, we aren't always the ugliest girls in the school.

I need an actual fangirl in a movie, one who wears fandom shirts, makes references no one else gets, when anything romantic happens to say "I ship it", because the "nerdy girls" aren't nerdy

Welcome to the fandom world

The Fandom Song this will be our theme song I didn't sing it in twinkle twinkle little star I sang it in a beat I can't explain really but it was awesome! << A song has never been this accurate.