Vegetables and oilcooked meals

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some food is cooking in a frying pan on a table next to a glass of water
Ντοματοκεφτέδες 2
a red bowl filled with pasta covered in sauce
Γίγαντες στο φούρνο
Γίγαντες στο φούρνο
a white bowl filled with cooked potatoes and greens
Balsamic Roasted Potatoes
Balsamic Roasted Potato Salad
two plates of food on a wooden table with silverware and utensils next to them
ta mystik;a tou mbriam
a white plate topped with green beans and squash next to a red handled utensil
Φασολάκια λαδερά
Φασολάκια γιαχνί
a white plate topped with greens and lemon wedges
Σπανακόρυζο κλασικό λεμονάτο
a bowl filled with pasta and sauce on top of a table
Pasta Norma
A quick meal for two based on the classic Sicilian aubergine pasta sauce. Meat-free and full of flavour it’s easy to make. Use rigatoni if you have it at home.
a casserole dish with cheese and meat in it on a wooden table top
Baked Eggplant Parmesan
a pizza in a pan sitting on top of a table
Parmigiana di Melanzane (Eggplant Parmesan)
Parmigiana di Melanzane, another option for using up those eggplants I will be getting from my CSA
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a pan filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a fork
Eggplant Involtini with Homemade Ricotta | Alexandra's Kitchen
A most delicious vegetarian entree to celebrate the height of eggplant season: involtini. In this Italian classic, ricotta-stuffed parcels bake with homemade tomato sauce and cream, a perfect way to celebrate eggplant season.