Violetta Papamethodiou

Violetta Papamethodiou

Violetta Papamethodiou
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The smile at the end is just perfect

When this music video came out I spent an hour trying to capture that split second smile at the end.

Maybe I should kill myself! -Deputy Parish

Maybe I should kill myself! -Deputy Parish Really tho I don't understand why or how but something they've done with the writing and with Lydia has made me ridiculously attached to this character, so quickly, by the middle of season 5

True story. Love Dan and Phil

My Chemical Romance is what made me *waves hands* FABULOUS-But I love how this is Dan and Ohil

TBH, this was a great era for Mikey. He looked beautiful. Though, I do love the glasses+beanie+straitened hair look...

this band.has been my stronghold through everything, any hard time, their lyrics have gotten my through and i've never become emotionally invested in any other band but this one. I will forever be a killjoy

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