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Attachment Theory with pictures. Helpful pictorial view of attachment and its presentations.

ATTACHMENT - The Attachment Parenting is a Style of Parenting that Emphasizes the Importance of a Secure & Close Relationship Between the Parent & Child. There is Value in Understanding the Fundamentals of Attachment Theory.

Stages of Grief- I think I may be in the acceptance stage partly. I went through the first 3 before he died. Although I have a lot of questions in my current stage. Not for meaning of why he died, like in 4, just ...where is he? All I know is that he's not HERE..with me...

Stages of grief, its not just a death that causes grief. Divorce, adultery, and dramatic change or loss Grieving quotes image by neuralnetwriter on Photobucket

Fun Psychology facts here! Keep your goals and positive thoughts at the front of your mind and lead with your heart

Fun Psychology facts here The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system. Negative words in music song lyrics, tv shows, movies, feed your mind the right food.