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this is soo cool, easy to make too! you could also sub in other veggies like red pepers, califlower, and brocolli

Un albero di Natale da mangiare! Ecco 15 idee creative per ispirarvi

Un albero di Natale da mangiare! Ecco 15 idee creative per ispirarvi...

Festive Cheese Spread.... Brooke, this is the candy cane shaped spread I did last year.... couldn't find it on my boards, but after a quick search I found it.... I knew I'd gotten the idea from Pinterest, but apparently my attempt to PIN it after I printed it didn't happen (lol)!

Festive Cheese Spread

Festive Candy Cane Cheese Spread Recipe ~ Guests will love cheese spread not only for its herb and garlic flavor, but for its very festive candy cane look on your holiday table.


Pinecone Cheese Ball Appetizer with Almonds. Fun and Easy Christmas Party Appetizer (Turkey Cheese Ball)

alberelli di pancarrè farciti, antipasti natalizi

cutest appetizer ever, no translation needed! use star shapes of various sizes & using a toothpick, stack big to small, sliding lettuce, cheeses & fillings in between. Stick a cheese star on top of toothpick end to hold it all together.

Easy Cheese Wreath — Arrange a variety of delicious, creamy cheese cubes in a circle, add olives, and you've got yourself a simple and elegant appetizer recipe.

Arrange a variety of creamy cheese cubes, add some olives and then enjoy your Easy Cheese Wreath. Easy Cheese Wreath is ready to eat in just 20 minutes.

Ein paar Käsewürfel, Party Tomaten und Salzstangen und fertig ist der Weihnachts Snack. Noch mehr Weihnachtsrezepte gibt es auf

queso y cherries Christmas Party Idea . this would be cute with cheese and grapes (redish!) ♥got an idea to do this with strawberries and chunked angel food cake to make it a sweet holiday party idea.

Tulip Cherry Tomatoes

tulip tomatoes 13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes 14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad) 1 cucumber teaspoon dried basil Salt and pepper

Cherry Tomato Tulips

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"Lola" gazagi (Tulip salad) Ingredients: 8 tomatoes 100 gr of cottage cheese tbsp of plain yogurt or cream cheese Salt to taste 1 clove of garlic Green onions and corn for decoration

These Cherry Tomato Tulips will make a special centrepiece for your next lunch and they are ideal for celebrations! They're stuffed with Cream Cheese, grated Cucumber and Basil but you can vary by adding your own favourite herbs. You'll also  the Cream Cheese Stuffed Capsicum Flowers and the Veggie Lodge.

Get Gordon Ramsey’s 5 Best Kitchen Tips