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The future of M2M: Eternal Fragmentation or Winner-Takes-All

The future of Eternal Fragmentation or Winner-Takes-All

Enterprise App Developer Atlas

The Enterprise App Developer Atlas is a map of the developer journey, featuring 27 developer tool sectors and 480 tools,…

5 1 ways to lure Internet of Things developers

ways to attract Internet of Things developers - VisionMobile

Our mission is to help developers create a better app business. A recent survey from App Promo highlights the pain points once again, and offers some hints about the solution.

App Developers are a tenacious bunch! of app developers said they would not abandon their app despite the same amount indicating that their app is

A Game of Ecosystems: Measuring ecosystem performance

How do ecosystem economics shape the mobile competitive landscape? What are the key performance indicators and how do you measure ecosystem performance?

Developer tools: the foundation of the app economy

Key insights from the Developer Economics 2013 report: Top mobile platforms used by developers, revenues per platform, top revenue models used and popularity and use of developer tools. Based on a developer survey by VisionMobile

[Infographic] Developer Economics 2013: Dev tools  are the foundation of the app economy

This infographic presents some of the key findings from the 2013 Developer Economics report, themed around developer tools: developer mindshare, revenues

Connecting the next 5 billion users: Emerging markets and the need for new business models

[With so much excitement about smartphone growth, we often forget that the biggest opportunity still lies ahead, in connecting the next 5 billion smartphone

Dr Google & Mr Android

Dr Google & Mr Android

The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is displayed dur...

Nearly Half Of BlackBerry Buyers Switching From iPhone And Android

Advantages of using cross-platform tools

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