Mount Athos

The monastic self-governing community of Mount Athos lying in a peninsula in Northern Greece offers spiritual enlightenment to those seeking insight & inspiration. Twenty monasteries perched along the peninsula make out an outstanding landscape of unique natural beauty that has been declared a #UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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VISIT GREECE| Monastery of Megisti Lavra in #Athos #Macedonia #Greece

Monastery of Megisti Lavra (Great Lavra) in Athos - the oldest monastery on Mount Athos it dates from 963 AD, century, Greece

VISIT GREECE| Monastery of Koutloumousiou in #Athos #Macedonia #Greece

John Chrysostom and Family Life, the Contemporary Crisis of Marriage

VISIT GREECE| Monastery of Xenophontos in #Athos #Macedonia #Greece

Athos of Byzantium, historical Macedonia, northern Greece

VISIT GREECE| Monastery of Karakallou in #Athos, #Macedonia #Greece

Monastery of Karakallou in Athos