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two sandwiches stacked on top of each other with meat and veggies in the middle
Mortadella and Burrata Sandwich
Delicious Airfryer Pepperoni & Pesto Chicken Melt Recipe
Elevate your dinner game with our mouthwatering Airfryer Pepperoni & Pesto Chicken Melt! Crispy, cheesy, and bursting with flavor. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. Try it tonight and treat your taste buds to a culinary delight! #AirfryerRecipe #ChickenMelt #EasyDinner
gluten free lemon loaf cake with white icing
Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake
This fresh gluten free lemon drizzle cake is the perfect dessert for summer. This lemon loaf is a starbucks copycat, but better! This gluten free lemon cake is soft, tender and finished with a simple lemon drizzle glaze.
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a plate with two sandwiches on it next to a glass of tea and a wooden cutting board
air fryer green beans in a bowl with the words air fryer green beans
Air Fryer Roasted Green Beans
Simple to make Air Fryer Roasted Green Beans are the perfect veggie side dish for any occasion, holiday dinner, or weeknight meal. Heck, I love them just to snack on them!