Mykonos, Greece, 1951

David “Chim” Seymour Mykonos, Greece, 1951 this is the first I have heard of him--what a magnificent shot ! this is the greece of a long time gone--maggie

Enzo Sellerio.

♨ Intriguing Images ♨ unusual art photographs, paintings & illustrations - Enzo Sellerio, “A Photographer In Sicily”

Corpus Christi procession, County Kerry Tralee, Ireland, 1952. S)

Happy Birthday, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Corpus Christi procession, County Kerry, Ireland 1952 (photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson)

Mykonos the Old way !

Mykonos the Old way !

Fulvio Roiter, Andalusia, 1955

Fulvio Roiter - Andalusia, 1955 - to me the middle flock looks like a heart!

Mykonos 1960

Mykonos 1960

Mykonos 1960

Mykonos 1960

Girl with Umbrella #iain claridge #wind #umbrella #legs

slylikeafox: “ lovedesignlife: “ A completely appropriate photo for today’s weather. Girl With Umbrella, by Eddie O’Bryan. ” I need a full body umbrella.

Fulvio Roiter

Foto Fulvio Roiter Acqua alta in piazza San Marco - 1970

Robert McCabe Μύκονος 1955

by Robert McCabe Mykonos, Greece, [x]

Voula Papaioannou, Mykonos, 1950-55 © Benaki Museum Photographic Archive

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Μυκονος 1960

Μυκονος 1960

Μύκονος μιας άλλης εποχής! #Mykonos #FloraSuperMarkets

1951 - The Island of Mykonos - David Seymour

GREECE. Harbour at Mykonos. 1937

Harbour at Mykonos.

Ernst Haas, Greece, 1952.

“Windmill”, photo by Ernst Haas, Greece, 1952

United Archives GmbH.Τα παιδιά παίζουν με το  σκυλάκι δίπλα στο Μύλο.

United Archives GmbH.Τα παιδιά παίζουν με το σκυλάκι δίπλα στο Μύλο.