Manual Mode Cheat Sheet! This is perfect!! I need this on a keychain or something so I can always get it right!

Shooting in Manual Mode can be a little tough. So here we help ease your pain. Check out this super awesome manual mode cheat sheet!


Cute Emergency on

Happy baby pose 21 funny pictures of animals that are totally into doing yoga

Door spot wil ik in m'n filmpje bepaalde dingen uitlichten, zonder de backlight.  Maker onbekend.

Portrait photography in black and white, light and shadow

bear with a flower

brown bear relaxing lying down smelling flower cute animals wild wildlife species planet earth nature pics pictures photos images

gyravlvnebe: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street. Photography by Sergei Sarakhanov

Photo (Packing up, shacking up is all you wanna do...)

Heterochromia is such a groovy mutation. “gyravlvnebe: “Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street © Sergei Sarakhanov ” The eyes…….peep the eyes.


Country Living ~ ducks in a row

The Secrets to Taking Awesome Dog Portraits via 500px

The Secrets to Taking Awesome Dog Portraits.check out the photography website.

Snowy #fox. #winter #wildlife

HOW BEAUTIFUL ! It snowed today and our magnificent animal friends came out to explore our back yard~~~ we saw a awesome red fox, the lovely deer family that have their den in the back of our property and we think a bob cat in the distance by the po

I love spiral staircases, especially in black and white photos! The light coming from the top just makes this even cooler!

This picture is perfect the lines of the stairs guides the viewer to the focal point that is the light. The mystery about this picture is that the stairs is leading to Heaven


Dee Mon Cheel Dren Art Print by Jordan Clark. This work give me an idea for my portraiture project.

Dolphin in the Air

What a ride this must be for a sea dwelling creature! Freedom for a couple of seconds, then back to the sea where dolphins are kings.

Diver by Jonathan Knowles

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Jonathan Knowles

Dive in! Diver photographed by Jonathan Knowles- ONE EYELAND

5 Tips for Low Light Photography - perfect with Halloween just around the corner!

5 Tips for Low Light Photography

5 Tips for Low Light Photography - perfect with Halloween Photos

i miss the ocean , water, relaxation, i miss the salty feeling, the sand on my toes .


english bulldog pup by evakamaratou