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Beautiful colorful painting of Pink Flamingos by Katy Jade Dobson / Oil painting flamingos

Pink Flamingo painting in stunning colors. Katy Jade Dobson can work wonders. She manages to make simplistic constructions seem so complex, just with the variety of strokes and colous she employs. Her art is beautiful. It speaks to me.

Christmas Reindeer Brownies recipe from Food Network Kitchen via Food Network

Christmas Reindeer Brownies : Candy canes, marshmallows and wafer cookies turn fudgy brownies into a festive holiday dessert. These brownies are so easy the kids can help make them!

Homemade Manti on

Homemade Manti - dummplings stuffed with minced beef and tomato paste with paprika, all in homemade-tomato sauce and yoghurt