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Nikos Georgiou
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Black Shoes, Mistress, Submission

mistress-nicolettas-pig-fuck: “empressesofthenorth: “From- Kaylaa ” ”


And Every slave deserves a Goddess to serve, worship and obey :)

Ownership! I love domestic #femdom. Leather/Dungeons etc only distracts. #humiliation #submission #cfnm

footcucksinchastity: “ When my boy’s had a truly outstanding week of unstinting and uncomplaining domestic and personal service, I reward him with some intimate nose to toes time on Friday evening.

Yes my girl.i clean up your fucking beautiful high heels.

while I'm with my friends you have to finish your chore

domina-et-servus: “Any man can make a mistake, but there is less room for excuse when a Woman believes in you, invests heavily in you. A lazy Sunday spent lounging can make a man weak of mind if he is.