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n industrial loft design was meant for an artist and it combines the best of both worlds. A living area and a workshop. This industrial interior loft is a wonde

C’est Quattro Studio qui est à l’origine de ce projet, un loft situé dans une ancienne usine de coton, au look très industriel et aux volumes impressionnants. Inspiré par la belle architecture d’un li

Un loft dans l’ancienne usine de coton (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

This beautiful loft apartment designed by quattro studio, might be on the smaller side but its layout is super smart! The design makes the most of the compact layout by.

Partial and transparent dividers allow sunlight to seep through and still be able to move around the desks

Separación ambientes-вариант комнат Sparbanken Rekarne -- use idea as desk dividers, angle desk spaces against incoming sunlight so the glass affects their desks & the space around it.

Blanco Interiores: Roberto Migotto, para a Casa Cor São Paulo 2016.

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Masculine Penthouse Design ~

This project, located in Mexico City, Mexico, covers an area of 210 square meters plus 55 square meters of terrace, and was completed in 2014 by the architectural firm Hansi Arquitectura.

Renee Kemps - Masseria Moroseta Puglia, Italy

Italy - An Escape to Quietness and Beauty / Masseria Moroseta - Renée Kemps

We are really digging the dining pendant lights here but not the coffee table. Wheels might be a good idea if you plan to move it frequently...

industrial interior design of studio apartment featuring exposindustrial interior design of studio apartment featuring exposed concrete walls

c.1970: VW Beetles at Copacabana

Oh, Rio // Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, vintage photography