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an image of a forest covered in black ink
CHRISTAGEDDON - Weak, Feeble And Dying AntiChrist ( Tribute To Horde )
the logo for an upcoming band called archeloy, with white lettering on black background
Graffiti death metal logo
Message me if you need a Death/black/Groove/goth etc metal,hardcore,nu metal logo or design!
a black shirt with red and black designs on it's chest, in the shape of a leopard head
Artwork by @SHAMERACE
three different types of lettering in black and white, each with an ornate design on the bottom
by @oncemusera
a black and white drawing of some type of lettering with the word death on it
by @oncemusera
two black and white designs on a black background
Custom type by @80charm
some type of writing on a piece of paper that is written in cursive ink
typography_ | Are.na
a black and white photo with the word death written on it
3D renders, heavy metal type and maximalist graphics fill Kristyna Kulíková's portfolio
some graffiti on the side of a white wall
some graffiti on the side of a white wall
two different type of calligraphy that are black and white, one has the letter e on
Typography Room | Are.na
Typography Room — Are.na
the word glasy is written in black and white ink on a black background
Vogue Singapore
two tickets with the word zoo written in black and white ink on them, one is green