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Riki Dalal - Verona Collection 2016
fashionable nail art designs for 2016
Extraordinary Observer, Tree of Life, and Mind Reader, by Emkel Dikia. -
Beautiful fall colors for this bridesmaid: http://www.stylemepretty.com/massachusetts-weddings/boston/2014/06/06/chic-boston-public-library-wedding/ | Photography: Ned Jackson - http://www.nedjackson.com/
I have an old chair that my grandpa gave me as a child, just begging for a fun use like this! I may simply paint it and hang it right side up to use as yet another bookshelf, but I love the unique towel rack here.
The Christmas Tree Cluster, Fox Fur Nebula and Cone Nebula in Monoceros (NGC 2264)  the complex jumble of cosmic gas and dust is about 2,700 light-years distant and mixes reddish emission nebulae excited by energetic light from new-born stars with dust clouds. Where the otherwise obscuring dust clouds lie close to the hot, young stars they also reflect starlight, forming blue reflection nebulae.
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40 Healthy Snacks for Kids!
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