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several different types of food and drink labels
Wacky Packages 5th Series 1973
an old spot cologne bottle is shown in this advertisement
Old Spit Cologne
a can of white duck pond water
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "A'Cent"
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "White Duck"
a can of orange juice for dogs contains horsemeat
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "White Duck"
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "Tropicanine"
two packages of orange juice with labels on the front and back of each package, one is labeled tropicaanine
Wacky Can Label "White Duck"
Wacky Packages - Wacky Can Label "Tropicanine"
an old tin can with the words brain drain on it's side and a cartoon character
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "Dr Peeper"
Wacky Packages Wacky Can "Coma"
the grass wax is pink and black with red lettering on it, which reads grass and lawn cleaner for the sickest lawn in town
Grass Wax
the label for land oquakes butter
Wacky Packages Topps 4th Series: Land O Quakes
an unopened box of dunt do nuttin
Wacky Packages Stickers: A Fad For Children Of The Skeptical Seventies (1973: 1st Series) - Flashbak
an old advertisement for twin cereal from the 1950's, with a man eating
an advertisement for palmoliov dishwashing soap on a black and white background
2010 Wacky Packages Old School 2 LONG & SLIMY Sticker Topps Series 2 NM | eBay
a sticker on the back of a can of plastic chips that is shaped like a house
Retro Pop Cult
an advertisement for doughnuts with cartoon characters in the box and on the front
a close up of a tube of pickles on a table with a black background
Sausalito Ferry Co. – Rare Tintin and Novelty Toys
an advertisement for pink panther flakes with a cartoon mouse holding a bowl of cereal
an advertisement for gi - toe, the game that gives you athlees foot
GI Toe
a bottle of ketchup sitting on top of a piece of paper with the words hurtt's ketchup next to it
Wacky Packages Topps 7th Series: Hurtz Tomato Ketchup
Priscilla Barnes
Tiuana Smells
a box of cheep chewing sitting on top of a table
Cheep Detergent
a box of grizzlyn bran cereal sitting on top of a red table
Grazin' Bran
a bottle of liquid that is red with yellow streaks on the side and black lid
Error - #32
an advertisement for sunburn coffee with a woman holding up a hot cup in front of it
Wacky Packages 11th Series 1974
2010 Wacky Packages Old School 2 LONG & SLIMY Sticker Topps Series 2  | eBay
2010 Wacky Packages Old School 2 LONG & SLIMY Sticker Topps Series 2 | eBay
an old advertisement for pizza from the 1950's, with some type of toppings
Dizzie Cups
the krypton canister is black and has an image of clown's face on it
2017 (OLDS6)
an image of a bottle of hot sauce on the side of a cardboard box that says, impact
Clubbed Canadian
a box of goonan's cereal with an image of a clown
1974 Wacky Packages Stickers 6th Series GOONMAN'S NOODLES