Greece / Warship is a heavy metal band from Greece.They were created in 2003 and the founder of the group is Captain Foris.
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USS Buck (destroyer,) battleship Wisconsin and heavy cruiser Saint Paul off Korea 22 February 1952.

US Navy destroyer Buck, battleship Wisconsin, and heavy cruiser Saint Paul off Korea, 22 Feb 1952 Source United States National Archives

Battleship USS Missouri fires her 16-inch guns

The Battleship Missouri Memorial rests in the heart of Pearl Harbor offering activities and tours to Hawaii's visitors from across the world.

USS Iowa and USS Midway 1987

USS Midway underway with USS Iowa in The Midway class aircraft carrier design was based on the unbuilt Montana class battleship’s hull, which in turn was developed from the Iowa class design. That would make Iowa and Midway distant cousins.

USS Missouri ~ BFD

USS Missouri firing a reduced-charge broadside off Sydney, 30 Sept. Two shells are visible at the left of the picture.

January 9th 1984, The USS New Jersey fires a broadside salvo from its 16"/50 guns during a deployment off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon. As part of the Multi National Peacekeeping Force, to which I proudly served during that time.. I served on board during this time..

The USS New Jersey fires a broadside salvo from its guns passing down the coast off Phan Thiet.in to which I proudly provided Fwd Observer from the gunship, Falson Aviation Company on TDY to the Cav.

USS New Jersey (BB-62) - Iowa Class Battleship - Museum, Pacific Battleship Center

A battleship is a large armored warship with a main battery consisting of heavy caliber guns. During the late and early centuries the battleship wa.

USS Missouri (left) and USS Iowa anchored in Tokyo Bay

USS Missouri (left) and USS Iowa, built and launched during WWII was the last of the big guns battleships of the US Navy. With precision guided-missile technology of the modern warfare, there's no need for such gigantic battleships anymore.