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a man standing in front of a window next to a tree
Studio Ghibli X Disney
a woman holding a cat in her arms and covering it's face with a blanket
two people standing next to each other with their hands together
Idk if this is disney but HEY ITS MIGUEL AND TULIO THE ROAD TO EL DORADO (if I even spelled their names right)
three men are preparing food at the counter in a fast food restaurant, while one man is on his cell phone
an image of elephants in the water with plants and birds around them on a green background
Laura Illustrates
an orange cat sitting on top of a desk next to a laptop computer and looking at the camera
Cat wallpaper
a man holding a cat in his hands
Ideas, Pastel, Totoro, Pink, Random
a winnie the pooh stuffed animal laying on top of a bed under a blanket