Catacombs of St Dimitrios church, Thessaloniki - Greece

Catacombs under Saint Demetrios Church, the Patron Saint of Thessaloniki. Built in the century, the church is the largest basilica in Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Home during Winter Bougatsa (cinnamon cream pie), cafe culture, amazing fruit and veg stalls and walks along the port front in freezing wind are my over-riding memories of this place

Thessaloniki city

Thessaloniki - Macedonia Greece with the home of the Olympian Gods in the back ground.

Achiropiitos Church - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The Achiropiitos Church as well as the church of Agia Sofia and of St Dimitrios are the most important early Christian monuments of Thessaloniki.


ladadika, Thessaloniki - Jason and I loved discovering this little town in Greece