Start planning your dorm room decor with this helpful guide on how to hang pictures creatively.

20 Unexpected Ways to Hang Pictures on Your Wall

Sure, you can simply frame something and nail it to the wall, but why be ordinary? Here, 20 unexpected ways to hang pictures at home.

Dorm room

I love the idea of a photo wall and if you do the 100 free prints from snapfish it's a priceless way to decorate your dorm room

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Like this idea. Would use a similar layout with the tapestry if I decide to put my bed in the corner. but I would put my net over my bed and maybe put photos on the end of my bed or possibly the side.

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Dorm Room Hacks

Dorm Room Hacks

Dorm room hacks decor with good decor taste. These dorm room hack ideas will make your dorm room more livable and less cluttered.


A very classy and organized college dorm room! — i like this layout with the bed right next to the wndow A very classy and organized college dorm room!

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We could do something clever with our dining room cabinet space- take the doors off of it and turn it into a recessed shelving thing?