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You can probably already tell that your cats have distinct personalities. Kind of like people. They’re people-kitties. It makes sense then, that there will be other cat personalities that they just don’t mesh with. But good news: There are basic, cut-and-dry steps everyone can (and should) take that will help all the cats in your lives get along swimmingly. #cats #catbehavior

Artificial cat pheromones like Feliway can often help to soothe tense cats’ frazzled nerves. It replicates the natural pheromones cats release when they’re relaxed and happy. (Think of it as kitty chemical warfare in reverse, or cat heroin)

Cat facts (and one opinion)

We all love cats, but there are many things we actually don& know about them. Here are weird 10 things you learn about cats today.

Two cats are better than one! But, you have to introduce them properly or you're…

If you are a current cat owner and planning to have another cat, you should check this article to avoid conflict with your existing and new cat or kitten. This will help cat owners to know how to properly introduce two cats

How to make a room look bigger....                                                                                                                                                      More

Interior design cheat sheet :) Excellent site for general rule of thumbs on curtains, rugs, table sizes, etc. - I always try to hang curtains this way to make windows look bigger!