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the herb garden for chickens is shown in green and yellow with pink flowers on it
What Herbs Keep Chickens Healthy?
My Top Herb Choices For Chicken Care If I could only grow a few herbs I would choose Mint, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Lavender and Sage. As far as chicken keeping and animal care needs, Sage and Oregano are great for intestinal health and to ward off infections from Salmonella and Coccidiosis. (cocci) Lavender is an all around great herb for infections, relaxation, odor control, and repels pests. Mint also repels insects and rodents, is a stimulant for egg laying, and the chickens love it. Thyme...
a white bowl filled with different types of dirt and sand on top of a grass covered field
the garden is full of plants and vegetables
A Very Clever & Affordable Veg Bed, Made From Hollow Concrete Blocks
a poster with pictures of different types of animals
an image of chickens in the grass with text about how to use chicken downer recipes
a chicken standing next to a trash can on top of dirt covered ground in front of a metal fence
a tweet about gerbs on facebook
a cage filled with food sitting on top of a floor next to a wooden table
an animal cage with water and other items in it
several chickens are standing in an enclosed area
DIY roosting stand
a wooden bench made out of pallets sitting in the grass next to a fence
Turn Old Pallets Into a Chicken Tractor!