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Lentil Mujaddara
by @bynaturefood - Ready to take your vegan cooking skills to the next level? I've got great news for you! Click on the link in our bio and discover 21 mouthwatering vegan recipes that will make your taste buds dance with joy! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, happy cooking!
four different types of food wrapped in plastic
How I Prep a Week of Easy Instant Pot Dinners
Here is your meal prep plan for a week. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and recipes that you can make in under 2 hours using your Instant Pot.
a bowl filled with chopped vegetables on top of a table
Freeze-Your-Own Potatoes O'Brien
Freeze-Your-Own Potatoes O'Brien | Tastefully Simple
how to make and freeze hashbrowns in bulk with text overlay that reads, how to make and freeze hashbrowns in bulk
How to Make and Freeze Hash Browns
How to Make & Freeze Hash Browns - Have you ever noticed how quickly organic potatoes sprout? Whether you're harvesting your own, or you snagged a few bags at a discount, freezing hash browns is a great way to preserve these spuds before they spoil. via @preparenourish