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Introducing the Fathom Travel Awards! The Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2018

The 50 best travel websites according to The Independent in the UK. With contributions from @insidetravellab

The 50 Best Travel Websites

Revealing the 50 best travel websites featured in The Independent, with contributions from seasoned travellers.

Stories inspire people to see a place differently. Tips to tell better stories, and resources for learning more.

How to Tell Better Stories

Stories connect strangers to each other in amazing ways. Here are resources to learn how to tell better stories: books, articles, speeches and much more.

Secrets of Travel Writers: A Look Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Secrets of Travel Writers

Behind the Scenes: Secrets of Travel Writers - Inside the Travel Lab

Bangladesh Trains - Khulna to Rajshahi

The Power of Two-Way Storytelling

The power of two-way storytelling in travel. Not only about telling the stories of the people we meet, but changing minds by sharing our story with them.


How to barter for souvenirs around the world, including finding the best prices, haggling techniques, and tips to ensure you walk away with a smile.

My Ever-Changing Travel Fashion - This Battered Suitcase