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a wooden table sitting in the middle of a living room
Wood Oak Light fixture | Bring nature into your home with oak wooden ceiling lamps
Handmade wooden modern farmhouse pendant light ‘Spiral Oak’, is a unique lamp which meticulously crafted from natural oak veneer and pinewood, combining the warmth of wood with a contemporary design. The 'Spiral Oak' hanging lamp showcases the charming golden hues of oak, making it effortlessly adaptable to various decorative styles, modern farmhouse and Scandinavian decor. Its wonderful grain adds an eye-catching element that draws attention and adds a touch of elegance to any space.
Handmade wooden pendant lights - table lamps made of wood
Minimal wooden ceiling light
Wooden Ceiling Light Teepee Maple
Handmade wooden lights made by Zoro the Cat Designer ☺️
Handmade wooden ceiling light-farmhouse chandelier
Create a warm dining room with handmade wooden lights
Handmade wooden chandeliers
Wooden pendant lights | Make your choice… Bring nature into your space
Walnut Pendant Light - Handmade Ceiling Light
Choose a bright modern wooden chandelier for a bright interior design