Handmade Wooden Table Lamps

We create handmade wooden table lamps, designed in great detail and made with taste and love for the environment. Desk lights made from wood will always be a…
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Design a unique bedroom in natural tones
Natural design with our handmade wooden table lamps made of natural wood. Bring nature into your life!
New Teepee Table Lamp
New Handmade wooden table lamps
Wooden table lamp “Barrel 2 Olivie” - Table Light
Handmade wood table light-bedroom lamp
Table light “Wagon Olive “ -Handmade Lights - Scandinavian style
Handmade Wooden table light Motif wood 4 olive
Handmade wooden table lamps
Create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, with wooden table lights
Edison table lamp, Handmade wooden table light
“Barrel” Table Lights - Bedside Lamps - Desk Light - Handmade Lightning