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a ballerina in white tutu with the words long term effects of ballet on the body
Long Term Effects Of Ballet On The Body (And What You Can Do) - Workout HQ
Many of the long-term effects of ballet on the body are positive and we cover those too. But the important ones are negative. Luckily, you can prevent...
a group of ballerinas in white tutus with their arms up and hands raised
Best Ballet Companies In The World - Workout HQ
The best ballet companies in the world have one thing in common: they put on shows that will blow your mind. But how they do that differs greatly. For example...
a baby's leg with the words why do ballerinas wear leg warmers?
Why Do Ballerinas Wear Leg Warmers? - Workout HQ
Leg warmers have long been common in ballet, but what’s the deal? Why do ballerinas wear leg warmers? It turns out, they are vital in preventing injuries like...
a football player running with the ball in his hand and another person on the ground behind him
Why Do Football Players Take Ballet? (This May Surprise You) - Workout HQ
Football players benefit from ballet lessons in a number of ways, including a few you definitely won't expect. For example, did you know that the...
two ballet dancers with the words 7 different types of ballet dances
7 Different Types Of Ballet Dances (Everything You Need To Know) - Workout HQ
Learn everything you need to know about the different types of ballet dances. They have many similarities, but there are also very distinct differences. For example,...
a woman sitting on top of a chair with the words ballet baree workout warm up and exercises for beginners
Ballet Barre Workout (Warm-Ups & Exercises For Beginners) - Workout HQ
A ballet barre workout routine tones your muscles and helps you lose weight. You don't need any ballet or dance skills, but you do need to be careful not to...
a ballerina in white tutu with text that reads ballet variations for beginners best ones to start with
Ballet Variations For Beginners (Best Ones To Start With) - Workout HQ
Ballet variations put the spotlight on you and they’re difficult to perform. The best ballet variations for beginners reduce the complexity a bit. You must...
a blurry image of a woman dancing with the words how to do a dance turn in ballet
How To Do A Dance Turn In Ballet (Steps To Perform A Perfect Pirouette) - Workout HQ
Ballet turns can really “wow” the audience. Been wanting to do these confidently? Here are valuable pointers for performing impressive pirouettes.
a young ballerina is posing on the bar
Best Portable Ballet Barres We Can All Afford
Wondering what the best portable ballet barre for you is? We looked at all available options and found the cream of the crop. Click here to check it out.