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Swooned by the Fullest of Moons, Round two of my ass tattoo


Pretty much. Funny thing is I do both. Kinda depends on the mood/project/language.

Minimal Desks - Simple workspaces, interior design : Photo

A constantly updated resource of inspirational, yet functional, minimal desks and simple workspaces;

This guy built an incredible built-in floating PC desk. Craftsmanship is hardly dead- nor is it outdated!

Sweet Floating Desk PC/Workstation set-up

Edelweiss PC Case Mod (Pius Giger) This could be an inspiration for architecture!

Edelweiss PC Case Mod (Pius Giger) I want to marry this PC.

My favorite bodysuits Ever are finally available on CHOIES.COM.

My favorite bodysuits Ever are finally available on CHOIES.

Mine looks something like this but not as many monitors, I think I have 6

Funny pictures about Goodbye social life. Oh, and cool pics about Goodbye social life. Also, Goodbye social life.

The UK-based PC maker Scan is currently selling a PC rig called the Scan 3XS Swordfish that comes with a custom desk that not only contains the PC but also holds three 24 inch Dell monitors. $43,000

If you dream about having the coolest gaming computer on the planet then you should definitely have a look at SCAN's Swordfish PC computer desk.

I don't think I would ever leave the house if I had this. Get your Gunnar gaming glasses at www.sunglassesuk.com and play for longer Image http://www.theboredninja.com/

Ultimate Gaming Setup I would dedicate an entire room in my house to this.

Mass Destruction Pc Design

More Computer Case Mods - Gallery